Albert Gore, Jr must return his Nobel Peace Award


Stand with children or with child abusers.

Albert Gore, Jr must return his Nobel Peace Award!

The member of Apple’s board of directors, Nobel Peace Laureate Albert Gore, Jr. Former Vice President of the United States should issue a public apology letter & regret that his company Apple Corporation producing iPhone ipad, ipod, laptops & Mac computers by slaves and child slaves and selling  to the children all over the globe.

It is a criminal, degrading’ and ‘inhumane’ behaviour  & against The Children Rights, Human Rights & ILO Convention 182,183. Apple is also using poisonous chemicals which harm the workers and environment too. Apple Corporation also selling Out to U.S. Military Industrial Complex and to other countries’ army. Who kill innocent children in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine etc.

BLLF Global condemn degrading’ and ‘inhumane’ behaviour, anti-environment activates & demand thatAlbert Gore, Jr must return his Nobel Peace Award. 

BLLF Global also demand that The United Nations High Commission & ILO should immediately make investigation &take action against Apple Corporation and victims should be given compensation.

Ehsan Ullah Khan

BLLF Global

National Coordinator



About Modern Global Slavery

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