Apple Corporation to Sell Out to U.S. Military Industrial Complex

Goodbye Fanboys: Apple Corporation to Sell Out to U.S. Military Industrial Complex

Posted by Grant J. Kidney on February 11th, 2012
apple military air force

Grant J. Kidney— The U.S. Airforce is slated to buy 18,000 iPads so as to lighten the load on board military planes.

According to Bloomberg, just as soon as the deal was announced, “Apple rose 25 cents to $493.42 in Nasdaq trading after reaching a record high of $497.62 earlier today. RIM fell 46 cents, or 2.9 percent, to $15.44 in Nasdaq trading.” In other words, Apple Corporation, which already has more money than the U.S. government, will be making out… big time.

Apple is portrayed as some kind of trendy, college-crowd company when it is really nothing of the sort. Little is the gullible consumer aware that many of Apple’s employees are under-aged slaves who must stand for over twelve hours and are limited to just two bathroom breaks per shift. In Asia, factory workers must now sign a waiver pledging not to commit suicide due to the poor working conditions beneath which they must suffer.

For Apple to be doing business with the U.S. government certainly comes as no surprise. Former Apple Chief Steve Jobs enjoyed a lucrative career on board the murderous George H.W. Bush’s ‘Export Council’. So much for Apple’s supposed brand of ‘liberal’ trendiness- yeah, hanging out with George Bush!

No word yet as to whether or not the U.S. Airforce will be incorporating use of their newly acquired iPads with a recent plan to put 30,000 Terminator-like robots in the skies of America. Considering Apple’s ridiculously evil trail of human rights abuses, using iPads to launch airborne attacks against the American people would certainly not be considered out of the ordinary.


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