People Are Boycotting Apple!

18 People Who Are Boycotting Apple Over Harsh Factory Conditions in China

Jan 26, 2012 5:33 PM EST

 When The New York Times blew the lid off of terrible workplace standards at Chinese tech manufacturing factories, and we learned iPhones will never be made in America, these tweeters decided it was time to say, “iQuit.”
With two mammoth front-page reports this week, The New York Times exposed abuses that have claimed the health and lives of workers who make iPhones and iPads. It’s not the first time word has gotten out from the Chinese suppliers that manufacture many of Apple’s biggest sellers, but this time the Twittering class has taken serious notice.

Boycott to the slave manufactured trade of Apple!

ya, apple is the devil! Ima boycott them and help the workers in china with swollen legs from standing all day…rite after i buy this ipod


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